UB3Rfun, a custom manufacturing firm, opened its doors with the launch of four new iPhone-related products at the International Consumer Electronics Show to introduce fun and functionality into the workplace.

After a combined 16 years of working in Silicon Valley, we decided to stop taking ourselves so seriously.” ?- Ryan Teixeira Founder

“We came to the realization that injecting a light-hearted spirit into the brand and messaging is something we all can use a little bit more of in our lives, not just great products,” he added. To that end, UB3Rfun is unveiling its UB3R, UB3Rdock, UB3Rgamer and UB3Rstand, all designed to enhance iPhone performance and ease-of-use while adding a splash of style. All products are crafted from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and can be turned around in just three weeks.

Nothing typifies UB3Rfun’s whimsical approach like the UB3R itself. With the look of a happy face, this elegantly simple device can hold your iPhone, double as a business-card holder or simply brighten up your desk.

The UB3Rdock, UB3Rgamer and UB3Rstand all enhance the smart-phone experience by amplifying the iPhone’s audio without the use of electronics or battery-operated devices and are easily portable. UB3Rfun also is offering HD color, 3D printed pre-production versions that come in a variety of colors and amazing, realistic material textures like wood and carbon fiber.

All four products are currently available on Kickstarter.com. The UB3Rgamer and UB3Rstand are priced at $ 49 while the UB3Rdock is available for $ 69. For a limited time, high-definition, 3D-printed composite UB3Rdocks are available in five different color schemes for $ 95 and a limited 50 series of the docks built from solid AI 6061-T6 billet aluminum in either black or titanium-anodized finish can be purchased for $ 190.

For true fun, you can get all four UB3Rfun products for $ 165.

In conjunction with starting UB3Rfun, Teixeira founded Intrinsic3D, specializing in 3D printing and product development services. Previously, he was an initial key player in developing the battery system for Tesla Motors, the founder and proprietor of U R FREE2B U, a multisport travel adventure firm, and has over a decade of professional engineering experience.