Texas Instruments will highlight at the BETT Show 2012 all-new, lamp-free projection solutions from BenQ and Optoma, each powered by award-winning DLP technology and ready to enhance learning experiences in today’s classrooms.

By utilizing lamp-free illumination, such as LEDs and lasers, versus traditional bulbs, the projectors can offer high quality imaging and enough brightness (approximately 2000 lumens each) to light up today’s classroom spaces, while increasing the lifespan of the projectors and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

These new models join exiting solid state illumination projector models from Casio to incorporate other in-demand features, such as 3D-Ready capabilities, connectivity and interactivity to best fit current as well as future teaching demands. These and other products will be available for demonstration at the TI stand, J30, at the Olympia in London throughout the week.

By dispensing with the most expensive part of projector ownership – lamp replacement – these latest models, like all lamp-free projectors with DLP technology, allow for a lengthy 10,000-plus hours of operation with practically no loss of light output, which enables teachers and their schools’ technology administrators to not worry about operational downtime.

In the current economic climate, budget cutting remains a key priority for the public sector. Consequently, schools are finding themselves under increasing pressure to deliver stronger long-term results with fewer associated costs.”  – Roger Carver Manager Front Projection DLP Products

Beyond larger-scale models that are best suited for the full-sized classroom, the benefits of lamp-free projection can also be found in every DLP Pico(TM)-based projector currently available. Typically small enough to easily fit in a backpack or laptop bag, there are now more than 30 products with DLP Pico technology inside, ranging from iDevice, laptop and mobile phone/tablet accessories and docks, to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-ready standalone units, multimedia players and even cameras, camcorders and mobile phones. With extreme portability, instant on capabilities and multimedia features, these products available from brands like Acer, Asus, Dell, LG, NEC, ViewSonic, Vivitek and others can take small group collaboration and learning to new levels.

In addition to being lamp-free, the new BenQ and Optoma are also part of the extensive group of DLP projectors that are 3D-Ready. Though widely known for its use in today’s movie theatres, video games and elsewhere, 3D can also have a notable positive impact on pupils’ potential at school. Recently, Professor Anne Bamford, Director of the International Research Agency, released findings from the LiFE research project, which aimed to measure the value and impact of 3D experiences on pupil learning and achievement, and determine the most effective types of 3D experiences.

Aside from product demonstrations of the latest lamp-free projection solutions during BETT, TI DLP will also be further showcasing the complete results from the LiFE study. Professor Anne Bamford, along with Kathryn Macaulay, whose school in Reading was among those that took part in the study, will be presenting their findings and insights during two separate seminars at BETT: