Gone are the days when Americans must stare longingly at their computer screen, a slave to the refresh button of their web browser as they seek the latest poll-results.

In a world obsessed with the constant availability of new information, PollTell.com offers an accurate real-time polling statistics available in the United States.

Catering to the election newbie and political junkie alike, PollTell has revolutionized the polling world. The site, which incorporates data driven from automated phone surveys, features up-to-date poll information for every region of the United States from the swing-vote state of Florida to the “red”-peppered state of Ohio.

Rather than waiting for major news networks to release the latest poll information, people can visit PollTell’s website, which populates data in real-time, meaning that as the results come through the system they are immediately published onto the site.

As technology advances and the need for information becomes more urgent, why should 24 hours be the norm for pollsters to publish their results?” – Scott Broomfield PollTell CEO

Social media enthusiasts addicted to the live feeds provided by social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will find a thrill in PollTell’s real-time data software.

Whereas typical pollsters poll an average of 2,000 individuals a day, PollTell seeks to obtain the most accurate vote possible by polling hundreds of thousands of individuals each day.

We poll an average of 250,000 people in each poll and publish the results in real-time on our site,” said Broomfield.

Every state and nearly every city in America is polled to ensure precision. Our results are more accurate than other pollsters because of the sheer volume of people that we poll.”

Although this state-of-the-art technology immensely benefits the general public, it also provides a significant advantage to those on the campaign trail by offering data-specific statistics to candidates. The results gathered by PollTell are indicative of the sentiments of their constituents, allowing candidates to strategize their campaign efforts according to polling changes.

Visitors of PollTell’s interactive site are able to maneuver through the site with the aid of color-coded graphs depicting the results of the questions asked in the polls.

Using the site’s three-dimensional map of the United States, visitors can meander through the polling statistics of even the most recent primary. Traversing the state of Florida from the Kardashian-infested beaches of Miami to the ever-indecisive I-4 Corridor with a click of the mouse, visitors can view district-by-district voting trends.

Just as Facebook changed the culture of social interaction and Twitter eliminated the communication barrier between celebrities and fans, PollTell has revolutionized the election world, creating content from and delivering it into the hands of the American people. So whether Americans bleed red, white, or blue, PollTell will be their most reliable newsfeed for the 2012 election.