Docea Power, the design-for-low-power company that delivers software solutions for power and thermal analysis at the architectural level, will exhibit at the Electronic Design and Solution Fair 2011 (EDSFair) from Nov. 16 to 18 in Yokohama, Japan.

Docea Power will also hold seminars titled: Power modeling for the system architect: Why system architects need a dedicated power model? How Aceplorer answers their need?

The seminars will be presented by Ridha Hamza, Docea Sales and Marketing Director, and focus on why and when a dedicated power model is needed at the architectural level, and what to use it for beyond the often used spreadsheet approach.

As power becomes a major concern for SoC and platform-level designs in an increasing number of applications, the ad hoc methods to estimate power and explore power management policies are reaching limitations that are limiting innovation and adding risks in terms of design re-spin, competitiveness and time-to-market. Practical examples and success stories will be used to illustrate the methodologies Docea Power puts in place to answer these concerns.

Docea Power and their HDLAB representatives will demonstrate Docea’s Aceplorer platform to simulating and optimizing power and temperature behavior and System-on-Chips and platforms (board) architectures for different use cases.

Additional demonstration will include Aceplorer interoperability with Electronic System Level (ESL) solutions to help system architects to find the best trade-off between power and performance early in the design stage and develop power aware software.

The seminars will be conducted from 3-3:45pm Nov.16, Room DM3
Noon- 12:45pm, Nov. 17, 2011, Room DM3
Demonstrations Booth # ECA-005

Information and Registration

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call +33 (0)4 27 85 82 97.
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