Computer glitches have wreaked havoc across the globe this year, with heavy consequences. Unclaimed tax revenue, stolen government secrets and loss of company revenue are just a few of the after-effects of software failure. And no one is immune. Software glitches have hit everyone from individuals to global corporations RIM and Sony to the U.S. and UK governments. WebLayers, the leading provider of automated software governance tools, names the top ten software glitches of 2011.

1. Millions of RIM BlackBerry Users Lose Service

2. Software glitch costs UK tax office millions in lost revenue

3. Amazon’s cloud collapses

4. Hacker attacks Sony Playstation Network account holders

5. Citigroup customers’ information breached

6. Pentagon details major cyberattack

7. Computer glitch sets 450 highly dangerous prisoners free

8. Mercedes-Benz cars recalls 137,000 SUVs

9. More than 400,000 UK organ donation details stored incorrectly

10. Bug allows HP printers to be remotely hacked