PXT Money, a mobile payment and discount program company, is offering BU hockey fans a $ 5 free sign-up gift they can use to help pay the bill at Sunset Cantina, Big City, or Sunset Grill after the hockey game at Agganis Arena.

By going to pxtmoney.com and signing up for a PXT Money account, hockey fans get an automatic $ 5 free gift loaded onto their phone. So it’s time to forget the plastic. Pay with your phone. Earn with your phone.

PXT Money has launched the smartphone payment app that lets consumers instantly load money from PayPal, credit or debit/checking accounts onto their phone. After that, consumers pay for food, drinks, and other merchandise by just telling the bartender, barista, waiter, or cashier their cell phone number.

Consumers can also send each other money instantly, and pool their money to buy things, just by using smart phones.

“PXT Money is designed to help students earn money too.” – ┬áJohn Regan CEO PXT Money.

Once you have an account, whenever you sign up a friend, you earn $ 1. Every time that friend purchases something using PXTMoney, you also get a percentage of that purchase. That money can add up over time, giving you spending money and even tuition money. We are also offering paid internships. These offers are ongoing, all a part of using new mobile money,” he stated.

Because money on your phone is digitally stored value, there are no limits to the discounts and special offers stores and restaurants can offer.

PXTMoney is also safer than debit cards. They can’t be lost or stolen, and the app is protected by a PIN number.