TeleCommunication Systems’ cyber security experts — William Wells, delivery systems architecture; Dr. John Linwood Griffin, research fellow; and Rodney Buie, vice president, cyber intelligence — have been appointed to Working Groups of the Federal Communications Commission’s Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council.

The mission of the Council is to provide recommendations to ensure optimal security, reliability and interoperability of communications systems, including telecommunications, media and public safety communications.

Wells will focus on inter-domain routing and the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and recommend a framework for transition to the implementation of secure versions of BGP. At TCS, he is responsible for defining the architecture and management infrastructure for encapsulated delivery systems that support the TCS location-based product suite deployed in carriers’ networks.

Griffin will identify a set of best practices that could be used voluntarily by Internet service providers (ISPs) to measure and curb the spread of botnet infections. He is an expert on computer and communications security, and, at TCS, he is responsible for driving research and engineering programs inside the company’s cyber security team of computer network operations instructors, vulnerability assessors and network penetration testers, and security software developers.

Buie will examine and make recommendations regarding best practices to ensure the security, reliability and interoperability of communications networks and systems. At TCS, he is focused on cyber security, managing engagements with the U.S. Department of Defense, encompassing vulnerability assessments, incident response, software development, malware and exploitation training and mitigation.

Cyber security will be critical to the future of our nation’s wireless communications, and TCS congratulates three of our top cyber security experts — William, John and Rodney — on their appointments to these CSRIC Working Groups.” – Dick Young executive vice president & chief operating officer TCS